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Balling Abroad's founder, James Dawes, formed the company on a simple principle - a love for football and a desire to help young, aspiring players reach their full potential. As a player, James has always competed at a high level whether that be in the UK, US or now Spain, where he is currently playing full time in the Spanish League system, but he never quite achieved his dream of playing professional football.

Wanting to break the age of old saying of "It's about who you know, not what you know" he went out and created an extensive professional network in an effort to connect talented ballers from around the world with global soccer opportunities. Balling Abroad, at its very core, aims to provide a spotlight on undiscovered talent and provide those players with a pathway to the next level.

James and the rest of the Balling Abroad team are fully invested in that common goal, and work tirelessly day in, day out, to make that goal a reality. We aspire to be better, we aspire to be great - that is what it means to be a Baller Abroad.

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